Laila Khalid
Freelance Medical Journalism, Writer & a Registered Healthcare Practitioner


Multi- Talent Pakistan, Karachi City Born British Asian , Laila Khalid who is an experienced Medical Healthcare Practitioner, Presenter and a Writer, with in-depth background in Health and Television Broadcast. 

Medical Journalism because Laila believes that science is a beautiful thing and her goal is to capture that beauty and present it to the average person on the street through interactive infographics. 

"Good reporting practice involves fulfilling the obligation to the public interest by reporting news that interests public and not editors and media directors:" said by Laila 

Laila started her medical career in 2002 as a Senior Medical Executive PA, and later decided to continue her study from the Open University in Medical. 

"I did diploma in Journalism from London School of Journalism. I wanted to understand the fundamentals elements of Journalism, It is a difficult field, an individual have to have a wide knowledge, conduct real facts, which I simply loved it."

A Healthcare professional with more then 14 years of experience, and a multi talented person,  who have performed her talent on Television, Stage and Social Media environments. 

Laila is a versatile Freelance Human rights Speaker,  who can able to take on any issue and produce pieces quickly to take advantage of current public opinion.  Her hard work, reliable personality, and entrepreneurial professional experience makes her exceptionally great in her field. Exceptional storyteller and interviewer with an extensive experience in delivering captivating visual, written and online pieces. 

Laila Khalid has interviewed world's renowned Personalities, Politicians, Actors, Councillors and Business People.

 I am passionate about aid work. I travel different countries for aid work duties. I have helped in building up schools, renovation of poor people houses, and helped vulnerable poor children.